Project Savvy

A note from the founder and designer;

Studio Savvy and The Savvy Vibe alike, have been built upon my ethos that we should all live well and pass our blessings onto others. Personally and professionally I appreciate the importance of giving back to our local and global communities. This is why I am committed to donating 10% of all sales, both product sales and sales from my design services to organisations and causes that continue to uplift and create furthering opportunities.


"Live Well and Pass it On"


I am passionate about girls having opportunities for good education, and for women to live empowered lives. I recognise the value for people to be pushing forward and following their dreams. I have decided that the 10% sales proceeds will go towards a contribution to one or more of the 'loans that change lives' on for the duration of 2017.

If you have any reputable organisations you would like to recommend to me, or wish to help further with the project savvy movement, please email me directly here I would love to know your thoughts. 


Remember to Live Well and Pass It On,

Abbie x